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同工 / Staff


Pastoral Search in Progress

牧师 / Pastor

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青少年牧师 / Youth Pastor

Youth Pastor Michael Phillips


Mike grew up in central Pennsylvania and had the desire to become a police officer.  However, during a two year internship with the police department at Penn State, he realized that arresting people didn't truly help or change them.  They needed something deeper, something that could only come from a relationship with Jesus Christ.  So Mike went to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he earned his M.Div.  He began serving at South Lake in 2007 and has more than 29 years of experience in children’s and youth ministry.  In his spare time he enjoys biking, working out at the gym, and fishing.

张望 / Andrew Zhang

长老 / Elder


刘海洋 / Haiyang Liu

长老 / Elder


袁强  / John Yuan

执事委员会主席 /

Deacon Committee Chair

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