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Programs for Children and Youth
  • Kids' Club (2nd grade and younger ) - games, activities, and devotional stories from the Bible, Christian literature, and missions.

  • Youth Group (3rd grade and older) - a time of building relationships, fun activities, and learning more about God, his Word, and our place in this world.


SUNDAY WORSHIP, 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

  • Children's Church (2nd grade and younger) - we use a 2 year revolving curriculum that focuses on the main characters, themes, and stories of the Bible.  

  • English Worship Service (3rd grade – adult) - we are walking through the Scriptures to grow in our understanding of God's word and to see how it all fits together in the story of reconciliation between God and mankind.

  • We explore various topics (theology, church history, evangelism, missions, apologetics, prayer, etc.) and develop ministry skills.

Children Youth


  • Trips and Outings – various events planned throughout the year have included snow tubing, laser tag, camping, fishing trip to Canada, etc.

  • Spring Break Missions Trip – an opportunity to serve others.

  • Ministry Outreach – running programs at camps and conferences as we seek to point others to Christ.

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